Riddle Elementary
302 Barkman St.
Rochester, IN  46975

Tel: 574-223-2880
Fax: 574-223-1539
Luke Biernacki, Prin.

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    Car Line Update:

    Parents: Riddle will open up the car line gate at 7:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will open up the gate at 7:45am on Wednesday.

    • Please watch our: "riddle to middle" video:

      Riddle will do announcements every morning.  students will need to listen to announcements for any upcoming sporting events.  all forms will be here at the office under the tv.  an email will be sent to parents on the updated events providing we have the correct email address.   
      Please see the corporation website for elearning schedule.

    • Welcome to Riddle Elementary School!  Riddle strives to provide the best learning opportunities for all of our students.  Our staff is dedicated to creating an environment in which all of our students are inspired to learn, give, and grow.

      Students at Riddle Elementary School continue to build on their educational foundation while also acquiring the necessary 21st Century skills to prepare them for their future. Riddle students are exposed to a variety of instructional strategies, collaboration opportunities, as well as an expansive curriculum. 

      We believe that it takes active involvement from all stakeholders in our community to help our students achieve educational success in and out of the classroom.  We welcome all community members and parents to become a part of Rochester’s future!  A variety of information is located on our website including our contact information.  Feel free to contact me or any other staff member with feedback and/or questions. 

      Thank you for visiting our website and being a part of our Zebra Family!  Again, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Best regards,

      Luke Biernacki

      Principal-Riddle Elementary
    • Riddle Elementary School..........Inspiring individuals to learn, grow, and give

      Our vision is to be a World Famous Elementary School. Our committment is to:
      Set high expectations for ourselves and our students
      Instill good character
      Be there for each other: focus on needs and feelings
      Be positive
      Develop a collaborative culture
      Have good communication and relationships between home and school
      Do whatever it takes to help every child succeed there

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      • Central Office

        Rochester School Corporation
        690 Zebra Lane
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223 2159
        Jana Vance, Supt.


        High School

        Rochester Community HS
        1 Zebra Lane
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223-2176
        Fax: 574-223-3401
        Oscar Haughs,  Prin.
      • Middle School

        Rochester Community MS
        650 Zebra Lane
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223-2280
        Cassie Murphy, Prin.
        Lukas Schoenhals, Asst. Prin.
        Nathan Kreamer, Counselor


        Columbia Elementary
        1502 Elm St.
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223-2501
        Fax: 574-223-0530
        Jason Snyder, Prin.

        Riddle Elementary
        302 Barkman St.
        Rochester, IN  46975

        Tel: 574-223-2880
        Fax: 574-223-1539
        Luke Biernacki, Prin.

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